Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Evil That Dwells Within: The Inhumanoids!

Sitting back from my art table, I catch myself daydreaming about remakes... It was only inevitable that I would ask the question: "... If I could remake a series, what would it be...?" Heh, this is PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDITION.

Billed as a third tier Hasbro toy property back in 1986 (as a backup to G.I.JOE and TRANSFORMERS toy line), it eventually became a popular Saturday Morning Cartoon (wow... Don't those 3 words sound odd together now?) produced by Sunbow, Marvel, and TOEI animation. (y'know, the cheap stuff) It was considered unusual back in the day that a series would be named for the villians rather than the heroes, The EARTH CORPS.
Ah yes... The Earth Corp versus The Inhumanoids with the Mutores (underground elementals) caught in-between. Sure, the show had it's hokier-than-thou moments and glitchy animation for it's time (of course, so was Transformers and Joe), but the idea of a major underground adventure story and character designs are still cool! (Strangely enough, similar designs would pop up again in The GUYVER series a few years later) This series would definitely be ripe for a facelift--- Of course, I snap back to reality just in time to catch my ink bottle from falling... But the memories do stick, don't they?


trialsze said...

Yeah, I would redo or update the cartoon The adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. That show was well before its time and it rocked.

RodBuddah said...

I agree with you totally! Shame that most of the great shows all gave way to the 'edutainment' crap they're running now.

Thanks for chiming in, Chief! Good to know I'm not alone in this one.