Friday, May 31, 2013

A Dark Knight On 42nd Street. WOW!

From the mind of creator Francisco Francavilla, comes one of those design ideas that DC Comics could've used a long time ago--- a 70's Exploitation/Grindhouse version of the iconic Batman! Initially nothing more than a filler for Francavilla's PULP SUNDAY blogsite, has blossomed into a growing fanfare of curiousity... Yours truly, THE INFAMOUS RODBUDDAH, included. Francavilla's story pitch for the character is an Elseworld-style take on the character, as filmed by iconic exploitation giant, Amercian International Pictures. It even comes with a 'Pam Grier styled Selina Kyle' and a wild handlebar mostauched Lt. Gordon! If DC green lights, we could possibly see the Graphic Novel format by year's end.

As much as I rant on the BIG 2 (among other funny people and places), I'm a sucker for great Grindhouse (the last vestage of wildly creative entertainment from a bygone era), and coupled with the Dark Knight is a NO-BRAINER indeed!

*This Message has been brought to you by PLANET GRIFFIN and the theater management. One or more missing reels may be involved, so please excuse. If you can't accept it, piss off. Thank you.
-The Management

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