Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To All The Pretty Girls Who Play Dress Up... We THANK YOU

Hello Boys and Girls! Welcome to PLANET GRIFFIN!
In the world of comics, Cosplay, or Costumed Players, has carved a rather unique niche into an industry of Mass Marketed Superhero glory, along with the multi-million dollar tie-ins and every dream a fanboy/girl could have of meeting a real life equivalent of their 4 color fantasy world on paper... In fact, cosplay has transformed into an overnight smash, despite the fact that it's been around for over a decade.

K MIYUKO, (above) is among the hottest of South Korea's blossoming cosplay stars. Her mix of bad girl mystique and schoolgirl innocence is spot on for the Comic Con set!

Japanese cosplay star SEIYUU has scored huge with her portrayal of the REIKA SHIMOHIRA character from the violent and bloody hit manga series, GANTZ! Check out more of her work on Deviant Art under the moniker of 'Vamp Beauty'

YA YA HAN is one of the longest running Cosplay models out there, (10 years!) and one of the few women to actually turn Cosplay into big business as well as become the first female cosplayer to be recognized by Convention Promoters as a Guest of Honor in their shows! Han's most recognizable alter ego on the Con scene, DC's Catwoman, is a hit on every stage she lands on!

The Latin beauty hailing from Southern California has quickly become THE hottest Cosplayer on the American scene! A belly dancer and model for the incredible works of Frank Cho, Ivy began in August of last year and virtually changing the game overnight! An avid gamer with stunning good looks and an even fiercer wit as a Game Column writer; Ivy has begun drawing non-comic reading crowds, just to see what all the hype is about, only to quickly discover that Doomkitty is not only the real deal--- but just getting started! Check her out on Facebook!



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