Friday, May 10, 2013

The Purge: New American Nightmare


In 2022, America has become the new dream. Unemployment exists at a staggering 1%, malaise and despair in the country is a bygone product of the past, and all seems right with the world... Because for one day a year, all emergency services are suspended. For one day, all crimes committed, murderous or otherwise, is legal. Welcome to the annual PURGE.

James DeMonaco writes and directs this multigenre sci-fi/horror tale (that appears to be a cross between DESPERATE HOURS and THE STRANGERS) centering around one family grappling with the morality of the event just prior to it beginning. The fateful decision to allow a stranger into their home after the event begins sets off a chain of events that leads to the family fighting for their lives while trying to preserve their own sanity by the morning. What appears to be a simplistic premise could very well be a horrifying glimpse into our future, as the division between private life and public domain is withering away to almost nothing, the erosion of society and sanity reaching critical levels, and the fears of our society slowly realizing that preservation may lie in taking more aggressive and radicalized steps, oh yes, the question of such an event gives alot of weight to what was originally conceived to be a simple home invasion gone wrong. Welcome to a brave new world. Hope you survive the experience...

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