Tuesday, May 7, 2013


RAY HARRYHAUSEN. (1920-2013)
Clash Of The Titans.
Jason and the Argonauts.
The man who made characters like Sinbad and Hercules adventure like absolute badasses.
The inventor of the Dynamation visual effect.
The man whom Steven Spielberg says had '...a profound effect on visual effects; making creations like Star Wars and Jurassic Park possible...'
The man who single handedly wrote the book on Stop Motion Animation; making the inanimate effortless and the stop frame easy, died today in London at the age of 92.

One thing PLANET GRIFFIN can say with all certainty: The Medusa and the Krakken will never be seen quite the same way again--- and all the CGI in the world will never EVER change that.

Rest In Peace from PLANET GRIFFIN.

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