Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Women Enter. One Woman Leaves: RAZE

Those who remember actress/stuntwoman extraordinaire, ZOE BELL, from movies like DEATH PROOF and the web indie film ANGEL OF DEATH, know her for her death defying stunts and fight scenes. Now, in the upcoming indie fight film RAZE, Zoe will have the opportunity to not only hold her own in the acting arena, but her stuntwork as well as fight choreography!
Directed by JOSH C. WALLER, Zoe, along with 50 other women are abducted and forced into a 'two women enter/one woman leaves' arena where they fight to the death!
Despite it's humble low budget origins, RAZE recently went on to Cannes, where it sparked a fierce bidding war for the rights (IFC Films won the American rights).
Release date is still withheld, but judging from the rave reviews the film has acquired, it seems to be just the kind of film that Hollywood needs that doesn't come tied with a Happy Meal!

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