Monday, May 25, 2009

A Fierce Moment


samax said...

yeah, dude... this shit looks hard!

Rodbuddah said...

The end result has a funny way of wiping out all the long hours, sacrifice, and crap that weigh heavily on your shoulders when you go into it---

With that said, you have no idea how much that comment truly means!
Thanks again, Samax!

Brian Miller said...

I love that you not only talk about the next 100 - but you walk as one of the next 100 with pieces like this.

Your pages are lookin great man, I want to see more! These get me fired up!

Rodbuddah said...

I really appreciate the love, Brian!
I've got more coming! As far as The NEXT 100 goes, A strong line of original thinkers with POWERFUL product can really shake things up!

All I want is what we all want: A chance to show and prove.

Besides, our kids gotta eat;)

samax said...

i hear you!
comics is definitely a labor of love. future fans will appreciate the love and hard work you put into it!

Rodbuddah said...

That's what it's ALL about, Samax.

I couldn't say it any better!