Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remake as a life function: THE MECHANIC

Back in 1972, Charles Bronson introduced the movie going public to Arthur Bishop, AKA THE MECHANIC, a dangerous hitman put in the odd position of training a young protege to continue his work, not realizing that his student was soon about to teach him a very dangerous lesson... But then again, what could Bishop expect training the son of one of his victims?

It appears that Hollywood is prepared to do it again as Jason Statham, hot off the heels of CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE, has signed on in the title role of Bronson's famous hitman. Simon West, who gave us the infamous CON AIR and the recent remake, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (which Hollywood could've kept to themselves), will start lensing the remake in Shreveport, LA. this summer near the currently constructed Nu Image/Millenium studio complex.

Seeing as how West and Statham have the greenlight to shoot a remake, it should be interesting to note that this project hasn't derailed (so far) ANOTHER MECHANIC project currently being developed by 'Mr. Expendable' himself: SYLVESTER STALLONE.

Heh... To Hollywood, the term 'remake' isn't even a word--- it's a life function.


John Aston said...

Wonder if Hollywood can revitalize the Death Wish franchise without making it The Punisher?

And, unlike The Punisher, give story some heart and meaning.

Rodbuddah said...

It would be nice if they could, but vigilante films rarely have any redeeming values (in other words, a morality tale)... That's why alot of people like these movies... Revenge sells BIG, but in the end, revenge is not a good thing, so the stalemate continues.

It would be cool, though... Bronson didn't need a skull on his chest to announce himself