Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day Somewhere Out There...

Today, PLANET GRIFFIN calls attention to that most revered day on the calendar of May the 10th--- Mother's Day! So this goes out to all the mothers out there! Thank you for the days of staying home when we were sick (or just pretending so we can stay out of school) ...Thank you for cleaning our scrum-nasty clothes for all the days that we remained perpetually dirty from outside (Before the days of PS3's and XBox's and all the things that exemplify digital thump)... Thank you for being great listeners when we told you our problems... And MOSTLY... Thank you for simply being there when we felt like we didn't have a true friend in the world!

It's been said that the word 'Mother' is another word for 'God' on the lips and hearts of all little children... And for those of us who were so blessed to have one like that deserves our heartfelt thanks, more of our time, and a day off!

Today, this one is dedicated to my mother for all of these things.

Of course, she may kill me for posting her photo like this. That's another thing--- no matter how hard some of you might be out there, even you have enough sense not to cross Mama...


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