Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Criminal Minded: MYRON MACKLIN'S ZOO ACT Unveiled as The Toughest Game in Town!

Once again, PLANET GRIFFIN has survived another holiday weekend and is back in the captain's chair to continue on with that phrase that's running through the indie underground like wildfire right now... THE NEXT 100!
Many of you know that when I first began the NEXT 100, the first designer I profiled was MYRON MACKLIN of the infamous ARTNINJA STUDIO in Charlotte N.C.--- Those of you who whizzed through any of the FIERCE CREATURES preview pages (scroll down... Thank you) also know that 'Mack' is responsible for the ace color design that you see ( a process that I affectionately call 'ImMACKulate Conception').

What many people are now discovering is that he is also producing a graphic novel --- and I'll be the first to say this if he won't--- if his color work on FIERCE CREATURES is the test cut of his sword, I guarantee that his seminal feature, THE ZOO ACT, will lop your head clean off in one fell swing!

Myron has successfully produced a lean and mean contender in the crime fiction fight game, not only sure to capture crime fiction comic fans, but fans of crime writers like LAWRENCE BLOCK, DASHIELL HAMMETT, and ELMORE LEONARD--- Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is THAT good!--- and when you combine it with Myron's art style ( A visual shorthand that effectively wastes no space while maximizing the storytelling--- no small feat there, folks), you have got a surefire winner that inspires while it entertains! Of course, while you wait for the new series to drop, go check out this guy's design website, ARTNINJA.COM, to see just how good he is!

PLANET GRIFFIN proudly recognizes MYRON MACKLIN as a member of the NEXT 100!

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