Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THE NEXT 100: The Bulletproof Future of ASARU MUSHAVU

returns with the start of 'Get Right Summer', and I can't think of anything better than to kick it off with a hot new NEXT 100! The first time I caught sight of this cat's work was through the 'Deviant of the Day' section posted on GHETTOMANGA ( A true NEXT 100 affiliate whose blog world is something PLANET GRIFFIN aspires to be one day.) ... After checking out Asaru's Deviant Art site, I knew that this guy's style is undeniable! 'God put me here to create' is a tagline he definitely lives up to judging from the Neo-noir urban future world he's currently building. Asaru is currently at work on his upcoming website '' as a vehicle for a future webcomic series known as TEFLON--- a tough-as-nails sister samurai that PLANET GRIFFIN and a host of others are anxiously awaiting! Trust and believe when I say that the emergence of this chick and the world she inhabits will EASILY become the hot talk of the industry upon it's inception! Go check out ASARU-75's gallery on and tell'em PLANET GRIFFIN sent ya!

PLANET GRIFFIN is proud to recognize ASARU MUSHAVU as member of the NEXT 100!


samax said...

no doubt. his work pushes all of my buttons... MORE MORE MORE!!!

RodBuddah said...

Oh yes--- This brotha's got CHOPS!
Of course, this is just what I'm talkin' about--- That 'umph' that kicks you square in the inspiration and makes you want to up your game!!