Thursday, May 7, 2009

Return of the Hard Boiled Gumshoe: GIVE'EM HELL, MALONE!

Okay, boys and girls... Live from PLANET GRIFFIN, it's time for another look into the future of bad ass cinema! From Russell Mulcahy, the man who introduced us the 80's fantasy genre classic HIGHLANDER, returns in hard hitting form with a new movie that he describes as
"... The revitalization of great Pulp storytelling..." GIVE'EM HELL, MALONE!

Thomas Jane stars as the title character, a tough-as-nails private eye that's hot on the heels of a mysterious case that contains something that everyone around him is willing to kill for! Along with Ving Rhames and a variable smorgasbord of B genre greats, this movie is a definite must on my list of summer movies! What's really cool about this one is despite the fact that the film is set in real-time, the look and feel of the production has a real retro 80's vibe that pulls off the rare trick of recalling the greatness of old school without boring you with everything else that bogs it down (rivalled in much the same way as John Carpenter's movies). Add the case as a classic McGuffin (i.e, KISS ME DEADLY) and pure smashmouth dialogue a la Shane Black ( KISS KISS, BANG BANG and THE LAST BOY SCOUT), this is a genre flick that cannot miss!

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