Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Bizarre Worlds Of A Creator's Creator: Doug Tennapel

DOUG TENNAPEL is, in PLANET GRIFFIN's humble opinion, a Creator's creator... For anyone who seeks to produce their own body of work, this is certainly a guy to talk to!

I've been a fan of the bizarre worlds of Doug since the days of EARTHWORM JIM (remember SEGA, kids?), and later, my kids would become enthralled with CATSCRATCH on TV.

Outside of an already impressive workload, Doug still finds the time to crank out books... Original Graphic Novels, to be exact (y'know, those things that Joe Q. couldn't find any benefit in?). With 9 OGN's under his belt so far, (2 of my favorites I feature here) Doug proclaims his interest to continue doing a graphic novel per year till the end.

My hero.

Anyways, his philosophies and techniques in the craft of what he does is incredibly inspiring and well worth listening to, especially if you wish to learn the old school ways of traditional storytelling.

I'll admit, I was floored when I noticed that this guy inks 4 page blocks at a time! (a technique PAUL POPE talks about, and I utilize) Moreover, the simple explanation of great storytelling over 'perfection' was key in reigniting the fire under my ass to get work done!

Look, don't take my word for it, check out his work for yourself HERE. Tell me what you see. I see a reason to get back to work.

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Brian Miller said...

Mmm - yeah Doug is the man. He just finished another graphic novel - which makes it seem like that's his second or third one this year. The guy is a machine!

What's crazy is - pumping out GN after GN like that - his stories keep getting better and better.

Inspiration indeed.