Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Billy. It's Boogie.

Speaking of old school animation, I miss the depravity of underground great Ralph Bakshi. Alot has changed since the days of COOL WORLD (but we already know that)... Oh, how my head turned when I came across GUSTAVO COVA's latest animated feature, BOOGIE el ACEITOSO, based on the works of famed artist ROBERTO FONTANARROSA.

The movie tells of the misadventures of a hardened hitman surviving in the graphically violent, and comedic, Argentenian underworld. Boogie drinks, smokes, scratches his ball, and shoots alot of people in his mission to prove that he's still on top of his game despite the younger rival who's new to the scene. Originally conceived as an ironic take on Dirty Harry of the 70's, Boogie found a huge fan base in Mexico in 1979 when his adventures began running regularly in PROCESO magazine as a black and white strip.

Using cut-out animation overlapping highly elaborate backgrounds, Cova creates a parody of the various aesthetic styles from the 70's era--- Dark action film context with bursts of color. As the film debuts simultaneously in Mexico and Argentina, America should get its wake up call sometime in early 2010 when it hits DVD here. I can't wait!


samax said...

that's AWESOME! gotta make sure to keep an eye out for this one!

Rodney Blackwell - The Infamous RodBuddah said...

I fell out when I came across this one! It's a mix of old school,new school, an 'education by any means'!

I'm definitely seeking this one out at the beginning of 2010!