Saturday, October 3, 2009

El SuperBeasto: Lurid Laughs, Zombie-Style!

Maaaaan, I watched this flick last night, and I'm here to tell you, THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO is completely unexpected--- I love it! If REN & STIMPY creator JOHN KRICFALUCI were to resurrect the old 70's classics like RAPLH BAKSHI's FRITZ THE CAT, HEAVY TRAFFIC, and COOL WORLD while on an ether binge, this would be it...

...Only this is coming from the demented genuis that is ROB ZOMBIE.

EL SUPERBEASTO is the animated adaptation of Rob's earlier OGN of the same name, telling the tale of the masked luchador and his secret agent sister SUZI X, battling the machinations of would-be nemesis, DR. SATAN (as deliriously voiced by PAUL GIAMATTI). In Dr. Satan's latest scheme, it appears that in order to obtain 'ultimate power', he would need to take a bride before the stroke of midnight... Satan's choice? VELVET VON BLACK ( A ROSARIO DAWSON you have to hear to believe), an unashamedly golddigging stripper whose attributes include more than her mouth! Other voice talents include comedian BRIAN POSEHN and DANNY TREJO.
Rob goes for broke in this one, creating an obscenely vulgar piece of grindhouse pulp that's crammed with more classic horror references that'll take more than one viewing to catch them all... From the obvious (El SuperBeasto racing through town in a tricked out Dragula, hitting a very familiar pedestrian wearing a Michael Myers mask/Captain Spaulding and other Devil's Rejects) to the obscure (try to catch Zombie's swipe at his detractors). Believe me, I bought the DVD and have not stopped laughing yet!
The T&A, outrageous violence, and the gross out factor can be distracting at times, but that's what makes this disc so damned entertaining! Besides, any masked man that can keep a wildcat in his pants (literally) is a REAL man indeed!

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