Friday, October 23, 2009

I Remember When The Devil Came To Olde Victorian Towne...

"It's a bit of a mystery and a mortality play, an action-horror title that lets me go crazy artwise with the designs of the devils and the setting. But above all I hope the story will have readers surprised and entertained along the way."
- Guy Davis

Reaching back into the comic longboxes, PLANET GRIFFIN remembers the classics. One title that had a particular impact on me was GUY DAVIS' graphic novel opus, THE MARQUIS. From Caliber Comics in 1997 to Oni Press to Dark Horse, Guy has kept this character consistently strange for over a decade.

For those unfamiliar, THE MARQUIS tells the twisted tale of Vol De Galle, a former inquisitor of the Tyrant Ministry-turned-Demon hunter, dedicating his life fighting the escaped souls of Hell in a fictional 18th century... Of course, you're never quite sure if the 'demons' Vol encounters are even real--- is the Marquis an avenger blessed by the saints, or a homicidal maniac?

Badass since his introduction in DANSE MACABRE, the Marquis has since returned in a new collection THE MARQUIS: INFERNO, and THE MARQUIS and the Midwife by Dark Horse. If you haven't picked up a copy of this title, you're missing out on a storytelling feast, in suspense and action-horror! While you're at it, check out the hypesite for it here ---Another reason to keep the pencil burning into the night, for sure!

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