Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New Marvel Motion Deal: Aniboom or Ani-bust?

PLANET GRIFFIN is back at broadcasting depth within the recesses of this popculture matrix to follow up on the recent animation posts from yesterday. Now that you're warmed up, the Planet has followed up on the recent announcement made yesterday from ANIBOOM (currently in a partnership with Marvel Entertainment), proclaimed as 'The world's first virtual animation studio'. After 6 weeks and 10+ hours of sifting through almost 8,000 animators, Marvel judges have narrowed down at least 5 finalists in their 'motion comic competition'. (The finalists receive $2,000 to expand on their submissions into a full length story; eventually competing with a 'Wild Card' finalist for a grand prize of $10,000 and to debut their prize motion comic on the Marvel Digital Network.) The winner will be announced November 16th.

The motion comic project is Marvel's campaign for its newest digital initiative for 2010. Marvel hopes to inject new life into its titles. Of course, motion comics are still in its infancy, so the jury's still out on that one. (Spider Woman was Marvel's first big step into the motion comic arena, selling it's episodes for $1.99 on iTunes. Now, you can watch them for free on HULU... Kinda tells you something, doesn't it?) Now maybe it's me, but you would think with all of the corporation's liquid assets at their fingertips, Marvel could have put out its own 'Ninja Scroll' or 'Ghost in the Shell' classic by now, much less motion comic classic. Their current animation roster alone hasn't generated the kind of buzz they had hoped--- Too many people buzzing about Green Lantern, for instance--- to really get fanboy's attention. You would think that the Mouse House couldn't have turned to powerhouse's like PRODUCTION I.G. or STUDIO GHIBLI (Disney DOES have workable interests in both arthouses). Just ask yourself: Is my money worth what I watch when I make mine Marvel?

The finalists pieces do warrant some merit, and with the finalist money, they should be able to crank out some amazing product. I guess time will tell, huh? To check out the rest of the finalists, go HERE and decide for yourself. This is PLANET GRIFFIN--- keeping your back straight and your knees clean... No bowing down. No bending over.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom


Mdoubble said...

You know, it's all fine and good that Marvel wants to try it's hand at "motion comics." I'm not a fan because essentially it's a low budget cartoon with comic pages as animation assets. As a cartoon, it's crippled. As a comic, it's not a comic. That's a marketing ploy to reel in comic buyers. Sure they'll try it, it's novelty. But current Marvel fans will always go back to their first love, the floppies.

The thing that give comics it's magic and intimacy, that no other medium quite replicates happens in that special place, between the gutters of the panels. Filling that space with more frames , sound and a freaking voice over slows the transmission of information to the reader(motion comics kicks out their participation and makes them viewers)Good storytelling at is best like design, or hell any art of substance is an invisible. It should not call attention to itself. It’s an masturbatory exercise if it does. The reader should experience the story, not a style salad.

The main thing of this I do not like it is this "contest" way of finding artists. Comics are more or less an industry where artists rule. Writers have their say of course and we need good writers, but comic readers want pictures. When a contest is held, with a prize going to the “best” it denigrates the whole profession. What Marvel is doing is using spec work to find motion graphic artists. Just interview the artists best qualified like they do for every other position in the company not creating something. Marketing, lawyers, editorial, or hell even the catering are not found by a contest. Why would they do that with something like this?

“Skills don't pay the mother fucking bills. Money do.” – Ras Kass

Guess Who? said...

Good Grief!

MDoubble has this uncanny knack of shutting it down, don't he? I've got to agree with this one whole heartedly--- kind of like ZUDA, where their peers and 'fans' determine whether or not DC deems it worthy to publish--- the industry equivalents of 'American Idol'. Notice how they pay their 'finalists'...?

Comics should be read and animation should be seen and enjoyed. Motion comics come across as a way of pitching projects to movie studios w/o all the prep time... This is the new Marvel 'No-Prize', and they're expecting you to pay for it