Saturday, October 24, 2009

Next 100 Alum Gets The CNN Spotlight And Black Dynamite

Good morning all! Welcome to another round of PLANET GRIFFIN and THE WEEKEND EDITION! Today, the PLANET spotlights fellow NEXT 100 alum, JAY POTTS, the creator of " The #1 Blaxploitation Webcomic" The WORLD OF HURT, on the CNN interview highlighting the debut of Michael Jai White's BLACK DYNAMITE and the Blaxploitation genre in general. You can check out the interview with Lisa France HERE.

For those of you who may be sleeping on Jay's site, now's the time to wake up and smell the coffee, cuz' this cat's selling Starbucks, if you get my drift.
(Good grief! BLACK CAESAR himself, FRED WILLIAMSON, praises this guy's work! ) Jay's current story arc, THE THRILLSEEKERS, is drawing closer to it's end, soon to make way for an even harder installment to come--- THE BLACK FIST!

PLANET GRIFFIN urges you to check out the incredible art style Jay's grinding out over there in the World of Hurt... After the trade editions start rolling, I wouldn't be surprised if the new 'House of Mouse' starts blowing up his phone! (Something they should've done LOOOOOOOONG time ago!) Oh yeah, while I'm thinking on it, stay tuned to PLANET GRIFFIN for the return of the NEW NEXT 100 for 2010--- which is another way of saying 'Now you'll start paying closer attention, for the future's trying to speak to you right now...'

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