Monday, November 23, 2009

Big In Japan: Matthew Reilly Manga?!

Those of you who know me and the inner circle of PLANET GRIFFIN knows that I am a HUGE fan of writer MATTHEW REILLY, whom I can easily say his work is to action as JAMES ELLROY is to American Crime fiction... It's just that simple. (I still can't imagine why Hollywood hasn't begun following up on Reillys' book already, seeing as how two studios bought the rights to all of his books so far...) With the upcoming release of Matthew's latest book, FIVE GREATEST WARRIORS in January, I learned of the possibility of the re-releasing of the manga... That's right.

Originally released in 2004, this non-english Manga series follows the plot of its english counterpart faithfully, sparing no visual expense as far as the supercharged action and cliffhanger suspense is concerned--- no small feat realizing that the book is non-stop on all fronts! The manga offered many easterners an opportunity to see USMC Shane Schofield, callsign 'The Scarecrow', battling it out, Die Hard-style, against British SAS, French Black Ops, and killer whales, for an incredible secret buried miles below the ice!

The only thing that threw me off are the cover designs that look a little too pre-Macross style for my taste, but you can never judge a book by it's cover... If this project comes stateside, I'll definitely be onhand to snatch'em up! In the meantime, PLANET GRIFFIN offers the SCARECROW series the highest recommendation it can give! Don't sleep on it!

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