Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In The Race To Capitalize On Things Great And Small

I find movie parallels interesting.

Y'know... SPEED and it's suspense counterpart, BLOWN AWAY... ARMAGEDDON and its dramatic counterpart, DEEP IMPACT... Those movies that didn't just capitalize on taking us for our hard earned entertainment dollar, they wanted to see which production house could get to the screen first to take our hard earned entertainment dollar! Here's the new examples for 2010:

FRANCIS LAWRENCE (Constantine) recently announced his development acquisition of IN THE SMALL, illustrator Michael Hagues' apocalyptic graphic novel of a world where humans--- and ONLY the humans--- have shrunk to 6 inches tall, leaving the rest of the world intact to scale. Mankind is now forced to contemplate its survival while also dealing with its new role at the bottom of the food chain. (Again, this is another example of indie works that should've recieved wider release) In an excerpt from the book, Hague sums up the full implications quite nicely:

"... The Blue Flash had reduced mankind to feeble insignificance--- a mere one-twelfth of its former size... Centuries of technological and mechanical advances were rendered useless...
There was no one to extinguish the fires... No one to tend to the injured... No one to restore order. The remnants of civilization were everywhere, but civilization as it was, was gone. Forever.
Many soon found what it was like to be at the bottom of the food chain. Many lost the will to live. But some, despite all the terrible hardships, were determined to find the strength needed to survive."

Now, it was originally announced that Lawrence would begin prep on the better known comic property, SERGEANT ROCK, but later changed his mind in favor of this one. Who knows what changed his mind..? Could be that he decided against SGT. ROCK being set in modern day Iraq, perhaps? Could be he's kicking himself over the implications of passing up the Star Trek reboot for The Omega Man remake (oh, I'm sorry--- I AM LEGEND)? Could be that uber-geek J.J. ABRAMS announced this project as his next development project only a few weeks prior...?Who knows? Maybe it's all just another Hollywood coincidence... Having said that, it might be pretty damn cool to find out! This is PLANET GRIFFIN.

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