Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nothing New Under Where The Sun Don't Shine... And That's Just Fine!

The world of high concept style in regards to cosplay has never been a secret. Recently, one of its hottest trends is nothing new, but an old school fashion that's never gone out of style! Ero-cosplay (Erotic Costume Play for you latecomers) idol USHIJIMA recently shot displays of fundoshi (a traditional male underwear stretching back a few hundred years in Japan) for Sankaku Complex,
revealing a new sales trend for women (who traditionally are viewed wearing no bottoms in Japanese practice).

Now, the closest this trend has ever gotten in America is the thong, and even then, it's not for everyone! But here at PLANET GRIFFIN, you gotta admit, it's quite the sight to see!


MsGeneva said...

...well...There are a few places I could go with this, One being the obvious fact that the pictures you posted have a dominatrix undertone with the rope hanging on her side. Personally, as a Domme, I find that women wearing (or being forced to wear) men's clothing is as hot, if not hotter than men wearing (or being forced to wear) women's clothes. This is not a new fetish, it has been happening for years and years, in this day and age the dominatrix lifestyle has become more streamlined and not as taboo. Don't get me wrong, you and I both know that there are some underground hella freaky shit still popping, but people now are more apt to speak of it more freely than before. This just inspires me more to get my project up off of its feet all the sooner, I hate to jump on the commercial "bandwagon" with this, but hell, I could use all the help I can get ;p Thanks for sharing

RodBuddah said...

Thanks for chiming in on this one. My email box seems to get quite a few responses outta this than comments here (Lol).
Much of what used to be taboo is now fabu... But as any businessman will told you nowadays: Sex sells now more than ever!
I can see the artistic value in it; something that many people talk down about, yet think about at the same time... But hey, what do I know... I'm just an artist:)

MsGeneva said...

artistically, yes, the photos are appealing, especially at the angles in which they were shot, and of course sex sells, it always has and always will. which is why the porn industry is as lucritive as it is and there is lots and lots and lots of money being made, and more to come, especially if you find an avenue of erotica that has yet to be exploited to its fullest capacity, (one avenue in which the above mentioned, I am well versed in and will be pursuing to the max) HOW this topic is going to be discussed further, is up to you and your audience....as for me, you know how to reach me ;p