Sunday, November 22, 2009

MAD MAX: The New Face Of Road Rage After 30 years

PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDITION takes in the trilogy that redefined Post Apocalypse--- GEORGE MILLER'S MAD MAX Trilogy! What makes this so special is that today marks the 30 year anniversary of the first film, as well as Miller's announcement of finally deciding on who will play the coveted role of Max Rockatansky in his long awaited sequel, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD...
British actor TOM HARDY, who recently finished BRONSON (a film that transformed presumed pretty boy Hardy into real life hardened criminal Charles Bronson; shocking the hell out of audiences everywhere). Needless to say, after the sad realization that Mel Gibson was too old to assume the role he made famous, as well as the surprising decision to pass on obvious choice SAM WORTHINGTON, Miller silenced all of his critics and made them sit up and take notice.

Production has now commenced on the new film with shooting prepped to begin at the start of 2010 with a 2011 release. Miller has also shared his plans on continuing the storyline left off from Beyond Thunderdome rather than reboot the series from scratch. The director stressed that this new film would be 'epic' in its scope and '... prove beyond all doubt that the Mad Max character will once again sit atop the heap of the action hero pantheon...' Also, Miller's veilled musings of 'big surprises' already have many a blogger wondering if Mel himself would make an appearance.
As a big fan of this classic 80's series, I'm really hoping that Miller can pull this one off. I'm already a little jaded at Hollywood's tirade of remakes and continuations of franchise pictures that simply don't work (unless you count JJ ABRAMS STAR TREK, which was a great exception), so for Miller to return to the franchise he made great in the 80's, I can only hope that he or Hollywood doesn't screw up this one for the sake of a quick profit... In other words, a PG13 rating just ain't gonna cut it. You know what to expect should this movie go megaton--- I'll have no problem cheering it on in a future review drinking coffee out of a Max Rockatansky mug.

This will be the new face of road rage in a future where seatbelts no longer exists. This is PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDTION.

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