Monday, August 24, 2009

The BIG BUZZ: Comics Destroyer Unveils New Clothing Line

PLANET GRIFFIN returns to broadcasting depth to share a little something my work partner, MDouble, put me onto--- And this is what makes up today's BIG BUZZ! That enigmatic man of mystery and self-proclaimed 'Comics Destroyer' known as PAUL POPE has been steadily grinding away in his NYC lab, cranking out everything from his stint with WEDNESDAY COMICS 'STRANGE ADVENTURES' to independent adwork to his latest creation in conjunction with DKNY. The POPE COLLECTION has quickly begun circulating it's way through the underground art circles, breaking out into the widespread ether for the world to see. Paul has even set up a subsite for the clothing event, DKNY 2089 , displaying that PULPHOPE goodness! To even further fan the flames, Paul recently finished an interview to coincide with his recent accomplishments as well as a deeper look into his 'artmechanikal' thinking.

The BIG BUZZ definitely gives the DKNY POPE COLLECTION a big thumbs up!

On the Fringe with Paul Pope from Carlos Molina on Vimeo.

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