Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Hurt From A Familiar Place: The World Of Hurt Brings It Back!

Hiya kiddies! The fine folks here at PLANET GRIFFIN, spotlighters of alternative pop culture, home of the NEXT 100, motivational speaker for the Grindhouse Goodfella, and soon-to-be-makers of MR. PROLONG (more on that one later...), bring you a special highlight from NEXT 100 man JAY POTTS, creator of the hard-hitting blaxploitation webcomic, THE WORLD OF HURT!

For those of you currently kicking rocks and not paying attention, the WoH has been tearing up the online pathways with his badass mutha, ISAIAH 'PASTOR' HURT, in the current ongoing storyline 'THE THRILLSEEKERS'; even drawing in notable players of the blaxploitation game like FRED WILLIAMSON (yes, I said it!) and lovers of that old school B+W goodness that only existed in 70's Marvel and the independent equivalents...

PLANET GRIFFIN is pleased to report that Jay has recently finished the latest storyline of the Hurt opus entitled THE BLACK FIST--- with a title like that, you just know there's gonna be all kinds of ass-whuppin' going on! --- as well as 'an intermission piece' designed to fit between the end of Thrillseekers and the beginning of Black Fist. Trust me, PLANET GRIFFIN already knows the skinny, and believe me, you're gonna like the way the new hurt feels!

To those who haven't had a taste of the 'Hurt Locker', check out the updated residents list of POINTE BLANC and then click THE WORLD OF HURT link on the PLANET GRIFFIN sidebar so you too can get your new hurt on!


samax said...

yeah, i'm a new convert to the woh, thanks to you. this dude mustard... you gotta love what he's doing. when the eventual tpb collection hits, i hope he's prepared to market creatively! there is probably a HUGE market for this, but comic shops may not be a huge part of it.

but i definitely see this comic doing well. dude is a craftsman, in the finest sense!

RodBuddah said...

Jay is a friggin' Design Mechanic! What's really mindblowing is how humble he is when you meet him! I can't speak more highly of 'em, which is a rarity in this business--- But of course, that's why The NEXT 100 exists, and you know how I like Mustard.

Which reminds me...;)

Jay Potts said...


Man, you're too kind with this! I should have named the pimp "Blackwell," the way you've been hustlin' WORLD OF HURT.

Thanks for checking out World Of Hurt, and the praise. If you liked it so far, we're just about to shift into third gear. I'll say it here first: big fight scene followed by some interesting revelations. "World Of Hurt" is about to live up to its name, big time!
Also, if you've got any ideas about marketing, I'm always open to suggestions. Facebooking, word of mouth and the herculean salesmanship of Rodbuddah have done a great job in building traffic, but you're exactly right, I do need to position myself for the release of a collection in the coming year.
I do a little something everyday to get the word out, to lay a foundation for the eventual collection, but definitely feel free to give me a holler if you've got any ideas.

Thanks again!