Saturday, August 1, 2009

PLANET GRIFFIN'S Next Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamed Of: Pt. 12

PLANET GRIFFIN returns with the curio-review series that showcases films that would make for interesting and excellent comics! Today, we take yet another trip into the Wayback machine back to 1971 for this one... When westerns were REAL westerns, and this little diddy ranks among the best of them, with a little added twist:


East meets West in every possible sense of the word with this film starring Eastern hardman CHARLES BRONSON, French superstar ALAIN DELON, international Bond girl URSULA ANDRESS, and Japanese badass and Kurosawa paramour TOSHIRO MIFUNE... Directed by chinese director TERRENCE YOUNG, this film was among the first of its kind to utilize 'Smashgenre'--- combining the most popular American and Japanese genres to create a new and unique genre all on its own. Bronson stars as Link, a thief who's double-crossed by Gauche (Delon) during a train robbery... This particular train carries an envoy of Japanese dignitaries on there way to Washington. Mifune stars as Kuroda, a samurai ambassador/bodyguard who plans to deliver a golden samurai sword to the President as a gift from the Emperor of Japan... A sword that Gauche runs away with in the ensuing chaos. Kuroda must reclaim this sword within 3 days or commit hari-kiri in his failure. Link, on the other hand, has other ideas...

Red Sun is a Western/Revenge adventure story pitting two rivals against each other, while ultimately pairing together to go after the same man. This is definitely not your average buddy movie. The idea of a weird western adventure comic is a no-brainer, especially once you factor in the impact of the spaghetti western genre of America combined with the Samurai dynamic (the westerns of Japan) could easily make any creator's imagination run wild. I recommend this film highly to anyone who wants to understand the makings of a Smashgenre creation. Check out the trailer below, or if you have the time, watch the complete film on Youtube beginning with Part 1 below--- Enjoy! I did!

This smashgenre concept is brought to you by PLANET GRIFFIN.

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