Sunday, August 23, 2009

The BIG BUZZ: Look! Up In The Sky! It's Death!

Just in time for the holidays, UBISOFT will be at it again with ASSASSINS' CREED 2, and this go round, the game looks to outdo them all! This time, the game will be set in the Venice Renaissance as the new killer on the block, the dashing EZIO AUDITORE Di FIRENZE, uncovers a mass conspiracy involving the corrupt heads of the Italian state, utilizing the secrets of an anciet codex written by ALTAIR (the lead killer in the original game). Parkour, contract killings, a brand new control setup (the one that eliminates the frustrating multitask controls of the first), and old school adventure with new school twists--- what's not to love about this game!

This Christmas, I'll be anxiously awaiting to see if this new title will be BUZZ or STING, but for now, enjoy the incredible graphics of the intro trailer... Stay tuned!

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