Monday, August 3, 2009

PLANET GRIFFIN'S Next Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamed Of! Pt. 15

"... Nike gymbag?... 60 bucks... Cell Phone?... 100 bucks... Semtex?... 500 bucks... Gettin' rid of a dirty scumbag cop...? F**kin' priceless!"

PLANET GRIFFIN comes rolling in with with personal favorite of mine on today's entry into the Next Top Ten. In 2006, Wayne Kramer introduced, what he calls, 'a throwback to the old 70's-80's crime thrillers where the bruises didn't wash away...' With that in mind, Ladies and Gentlemen...


Not in any way to be confused with the Peter Hyams comedy classic of 1986, this hard hitting fairy tale adaptation of 'Through The Looking Glass' is unlike any bedtime story you're likely to read. Unless you live in New Jersey, where this tale takes place. PAUL WALKER stars as Joey Gazelle, a low-rent runner for the Perrillo crime family. (A departure for an actor who's become synonymous with a 10 second car and Vin Diesel) Caught up in a drug deal gone viciously wrong (And I do mean vicious--- the opening blastoff of the film is a highlight in itself!), Joey is asked to dispose of a chrome snubnose by his underboss, played to great effect by JOHNNY MESSNER. Instead of following the order, Joey hides the piece away, only for it to be discovered by young Oleg, a disturbed kid whose father is part of the Russian mob... The movie rockets out the gate from the word go, where it begins with the ending and then replays the previous 18 hours leading up to a big event where you're still not sure how it'll play out until the credits roll!

RUNNING SCARED is definitely pure grindhouse gold, and deservedly so. The violence that punctuates the film is brutal, but not without its place in the story, which makes it all the more scarier. The title alone should stick in your mind as you watch the film--- the uneasiness that pervades the story makes it justified. As a comic, this one's a no-brainer... The elements involved could easily make for a Vertigo title; making for a creative teams wet dream! If I had a crack at this one, it would truly be over! This is PLANET GRIFFIN and the infamous Next Top Ten!

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