Monday, August 10, 2009

THE BIG BUZZ: The Return Of Heist Society

In 1962, the world was introduced to RICHARD STARK (pseudonym for the legendary DONALD WESTLAKE), and a powerful crime novel that would later be realized as THE PARKER SERIES. The first title was THE HUNTER, and crime noir entered a whole new era.

PLANET GRIFFIN returns with another episode of THE BIG BUZZ! Tonight's buzz is BUZZ really worth hyping about: The long awaited release of DARWYN COOKE'S IDW release of RICHARD STARK'S THE HUNTER!

Welcome to the world of Heist Society. Parker is by far the best of them. A 'heister's heister', Parker is relentlessly focused on his trade, making him someone you don't want to cross under any circumstances... The woman that betrayed him, the man who took his money, and the Outfit are three in an unholy trinity who are about to discover Parker's paybacks are as vicious as his trade!

In the world of hardboiled noir, Stark's Parker is definitely one of the most unforgettable characters in print today. THE HUNTER has been adapted countless times--- the most notable being LEE MARVIN in 1967's POINT BLANK and MEL GIBSON in 1999's PAYBACK (which kills the chance of including one of these in The Next Top Ten lists )-- Darwyn's adaptation in 2009 can only be summed up as WOW!

Patterned after the old pulp novels and designed to read in one sitting, Westlake's writing alter ego dishes out razor-sharp prose like nobodies business, influencing the likes of Elmore Leonard to break from westerns and get into the crime game... Cooke's adaptation of Stark's finest creation is the truest extension of that work that PLANET GRIFFIN has ever seen! The visuals are striped to almost a bare minimum, yet powerfully designed with each panel--- This is the type of comic work that IDW has touted over the last year as being '... the saving grace of the medium...'
This book is guaranteed to restore faith to even the most jaded of comic readers out there ( it's DEFINITELY just the kind of work to get me fired up to continue putting ink-to-page!)!

Recently, the University of Chicago Press has gotten the go ahead to re-release the entire PARKER Crime Series by Richard Stark, so PLANET GRIFFIN strongly suggests you start ordering them now, and see what the hardboiled hype is REALLY about!


Mdoubble said...

This looks like something i'd enjoy. Ha! I'm liking the blue and black too. You knew I would ^_^

RodBuddah said...

HA! You called it right, my friend!
As a direct translation, this title is a winner! Darwyn IS working on the next installment already! (Summer 2010)

Richard Stark is definitely getting his due. Yeah. Our time is here.