Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sena, Rucka Resurrects Carpenter With Whiteout

"I remember saying, 'This is an interesting idea for a movie. Imagine if you took a bunch of people, put them in some horribly cold environment a long way from anywhere, mostly in darkness [and] cold, frigid temperatures, and put them there for weeks or months or years,'" he says. "And then a couple of years later Whiteout came out. And I read it and I was like, 'This is the idea.' It's just like another world." -DOMINIC SENA

PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDITION continues at broadcast depth to bring you another coming-sooner-than-you-think to multiplexes nationwide... The below freezing conditions of Manitoba, Canada (doubling for the icy wasteland that is Antarctica for the bulk of the shoot) is the epicenter for the Oni Press comic adaptation of GREG RUCKA'S WHITEOUT, starring KATE BECKINSALE, GABRIEL MACHT, and TOM SKERRITT.

As the sole law enforcement officer stationed at a research station in Antarctica, Carrie Stetko uncovers a dead body, prompting a race against time to solve the crime as the base is preparing to shut down for the winter... And the killer is closer than she thinks.

DOMINIC SENA, the director of SWORDFISH and the remake of GONE IN 60 SECONDS, jumps back into the lensed saddle again to helm the project, already a smashgenre of JOHN CARPENTER'S THE THING and OUTLAND, Sena even admits that he looked to those films as inspiration for the shoot.
"All these people caught up in this claustrophobic, frigid environment where you can't go outside... Two minutes outside and you're dead," he says. "And there's nothing to do down there [in Antarctica]; you're bored silly. And all of a sudden there's a killer amongst you. And you go, 'Sh*t, that's pretty good.' ...The cold and the whiteouts and the 120-mile an hour winds and all of that seem so alien and foreign that I thought, 'I love the idea to do it.' I mean, I didn't stop to think about how hard it would be to do!" - DOMINIC SENA

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