Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Inglourious Return Of The Smashgenre King

PLANET GRIFFIN WEEKEND EDITION returns once again with a little something different... Y'know, we as a society are an amazing piece of work--- we are the only social order that cheers our pop culture icons when they're on top, spite them when they fall, just to cheer for them again when they claw their way back to the top... Take writer/director QUENTIN TARANTINO for example--- film upstart with RESERVOIR DOGS, smashgenre phenom with PULP FICTION, topping himself with the essential payback flick in two parts, KILL BILL 1 & 2--- here's a critical darling who can do NO wrong... Until the loopsided backfire of GRINDHOUSE, where the critics panned it and audiences largely avoided it, citing online chatter of whether or not the director's still got it. Now, with the post-release hype of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, it would seem that even the hardened doubters got their answer--- and, of course, he's loved all over again!
Listen to the re-emergence of the film wunderkind in a recent interview with NPR radio. Oh, and go see this movie--- it definitely warrants the PLANET GRIFFIN CERTIFICATION OF BADASS MOVIE GOODNESS!!!


Mdoubble said...

You know I'm on it, ah ah, I'm on it!" - Skyzoo

RodBuddah said...

I already KNOW you're on it! You know you got full prestige in the office;)