Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't Hate The Playa...

Good Grief!! What is it about this game that geeks me so?!

Pure, unadulterated grindhouse, that's what!!

Bethesda Softworks is sparing NO expense at delivering the goods with the soon-to-be classic heroine known as RUBI in WET! I've posted on this before, so this game is no secret--- now with a soundtrack release to accompany the game, WET has a release date of SEPTEMBER 15, just in time as the PS3 prepares for its $100 price drop ( to compete with XBox, naturally), so I really don't expect this title to stay on the shelves! Again, this is dedicated to my GRINDHOUSE GOODFELLAS out there who game as hard as they grind!

I know, I know... Don't hate the playa... Hate the Game... Good luck with this one.

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