Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/17: Surviving The Game


I can't believe I survived yet another year! You see, June 17 is my birthday, and believe me, I had one heckuva time getting there! Most of my day was spent doing EVERYTHING else except what I do best: NEW ART! At least I made up for it by watching the Uncut Season 3 VENTURE BROTHERS boxset ( If you tell me you haven't seen it, I don't think I can believe you...) . To everyone who sent greetings and happy birthday wishes, I humbly thank ALL of you! And after a day like Wednesday, I REALLY appreciate it!

Now that another year milestone is behind me, I turn my attention towards HEROESCON coming up this weekend. I'll be milling about the first days opening and maaaaybe Saturday, looking forward to meeting up with all of THE NEXT 100 crew. Can't wait to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, I too have been busy, working on a few new things. Unfortunately I will not be at Heroes' but, the new things I'm working on know will premier at Heroes' 10. I'll have a table, merchandise, cartoons, sculptures, give a ways, and comics. Sinister Comics will rise like a Phoenix.

Again, Happy Birthday,

One... of The Next 100

Brian Miller said...

Happy belated bday Rodney!! I hope your year is a good one! Its cool to see others such as yourself out there with the same dreams and struggles pushin forward.

rodbuddah said...

Dear 'Bend Sinister': This I've got to see! Phoenix AND the box of matches to boot! Ha ha!
Thank you, Mystery Guest, for the well wishing! Ha! I wish you and crew ALL the best over there! Great hearing from you again!

Brian, thank you! The struggle continues---ESPECIALLY now that I've seen PHO! OMG!!!! I've got to do DOUBLE DUTY just to get CLOSE to what you're rockin' there!!!

Jay Potts said...

Happy birthday, sir!

I won't be at HeroesCon until Saturday, but I still hope I have the chance to meet you there.