Monday, June 1, 2009

Planet Griffin's Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamt Of ! Pt.3

Number 8.


Now, this double act SCREAMS to be made into a comic series--- which makes complete sense once you watch them--- the frenzied pace, the bizarre smashmix of visual imagery, the rogues gallery of characters, the COMPLETE lack of reason, and the craziest concept that has ever been committed to film!

As a series, imagine the outrageousness of trying to figure out HOW to keep the main character alive as he faces two major concerns: 1) If you stop, your body shuts down... Literally! And 2) Your hitman status is notorious to the point where EVERYONE wants to kill you!

Try to imagine a character who goes from a heart pumping poisoned adrenaline to a mechanical heart-pump that's broken --- Classic!
From the artists' stand point, this one is such a no-brainer that the pencils would practically draw themselves! Extreme POV's, smash cuts, and your choice of different visual styles mixed together in unexpected ways... Want JOHN PAUL LEON meets JOHN CASSIDY? No problem. BRYAN HITCH meets ASHLEY WOOD? Why not?!

Nothing is taboo here... Which is why, like it or not, the film series is one of most popular currently out there! Notice the cult following with the DVD sales? There's a reason for that...

As the dynamic duo of Nelvedine/Taylor currently draft their third act of the CRANK trilogy, we can only wonder what a series like this would look like in print...?


samax said...

great pick! and one i didn't think of! you are definitely feeling where i'm coming from (and writing faster than me!)

keep it up!

RodBuddah said...

Thanks Samax!

Stay tuned! The best--- and the strangest--- are yet to come!