Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ah, Those Boys Of Venture : THE VENTURE BROTHERS

Man, if you haven't checked out The VENTURE BROTHERS yet, you're missing out on one of the funniest parody series to hit Adult Swim! Watching the uncensored box sets (Season 3 just came out a few weeks ago ) --- have you ever laughed so hard, that you stagger to the bathroom hoping you made it? HA! THAT'S the Venture Brothers!

As a twisted send-up of Johnny Quest ( a personal old school fave my Dad introduced me to), the exploits of brother-boy clones HANK and DEAN VENTURE, DR. THADDEUS 'RUSTY' VENTURE and their swedish murder machine bodyguard BROCK SAMPSON rank among the wildest you will ever see--- meaning that writer-creators Jackson Publick a.k.a. Christopher McCulloch and 'DOC' Hammer are definitely NOT above throwing in twisted versions of the familiar to go along with the kitchen sink... Best example: The Groovy Gang--- those crime solving misfits from another time and place, with Sonny ( a highly unstable basket case version of Shaggy) and his dog Groovy ( a darker, mangier version of Scooby, who talks only to Sonny in a way that creepily reminds you of Son Of Sam back in the 70's)... And lets not even get into the 'Groovy treats', which comes in the little brown bottle.
Recently, the creative team behind the show lost their heaviest hitter, the voice of Brock, PATRICK WARBURTON... The verdict on whether they can convince him to come back to conclude Season 4 (which may be the last go round) remains a mystery. At least they managed to release the soundtrack, done by Foetus frontman J.G. Thirwell . See, once you get something really good going... Sigh...

Anyways, for the uninitiated and the cagey veteran, Check out the Season 3 teaser AND the infamous VENTURE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

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