Monday, June 8, 2009

Planet Griffin's Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamed Of! Pt. 10

Here it is! PLANET GRIFFIN has finally reached the end of the road here on this Top Ten list. Judging from the email response (It's okay, good people, you can include comments on this thing.), some readers were turned on to films they weren't aware of, or want to try thanks to my reviews... To this I say money is tight, people! if you're gonna watch a movie, make sure you can have as much fun with it as humanly possible and get the biggest bang for your buck! With that said, let do this...


Without a doubt, the man known as ISSAC 'Black Moses' HAYES, along with Director Johnathan Kaplan, created one of the baddest
cats to walk on the silver screen in 1974. No one can deny the power that this film had in the blaxploitation era of the 70's, nor can it be denied as a cinematic gem today! Quentin Tarantino's celebrated 'casual conversation between crooks' style ORIGINATED with this film ( Watch this film, then parallel it alongside RESERVOIR, TRUE, PULP, & BILL and tell me what you find!) The late great Issac gave us a tough-as-nails former football pro-turned bounty hunter of dangerous and hard-to-reach felons, but soft enough to wear a cat pissed shirt because the cat belongs to his girl---classy. Throw in the legendary YAPHET KOTTO as killer pimp/gangster 'HARVARD BLUE', and most surprising of all, a stellar, smashmouth performance from 'Star Trek's' NICHELLE NICHOLS as House Madam DORINDA--- and I do mean smashmouth---and you have no excuses on why you shouldn't like one!

As a comic, IT IS THE NO-BRAINER WINNER OF THIS LIST!! ( This is my LUKE CAGE on film ) I would jump to the head of the line to do this as a continuing series... Especially since the concept is so open-ended!

'Mack' Truck Turner could be handled a number of different ways--- continuing where the film leaves off, with another assignment after the Bailbonds company is put back together--- the last days of Mack Truck Turner, where an old Turner trains up his offspring--- even a prequel storyline to detail the relationship between Mack and his partner, who was killed in the film.

Well, there it is folks! PLANET GRIFFIN concludes the TOP TEN--- if you've got any further suggestions, feel free to drop a comment! BTW, Don't be surprised if you learn that something from my list is already being adapted ( seriously,folks)--- Keep your eyes open and stay tuned!

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