Saturday, June 6, 2009

Planet Griffin's Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamed Of! Pt. 8

PLANET GRIFFIN reaches the final stretch of Movies that could pull off a cool comic series, whether limited or GN, based on the strength of their concept---


1997 was the year of David Fincher, a visionary director with a talent for projects that seemed slightly off-kilter, but were killer concepts that impacted cinema in a big way!
( Especially with the one-two knockout combo of SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB) The Michael Douglas vehicle is still ripe for the comics treatment to this day, thanks to a killer concept that seemed made for the medium--- A snobbish billionaire is given a birthday present by his brother, in the form of an invitation to a company known as Consumer Recreation Services--- a company that, unaware to the public, actually specializes in Game Theory--- "... They make your life... Fun..."

It's with this phrase that Michael Douglas' life is thrown for a complete tailspin; trapped in an at-times nightmarish world where even the audience can never be sure if 'the Game' is an act or real--- right up to the very end of the movie! Now, imagine that this game theory can be offered to ANY Joe Everyman on the street--- Once you realize that, then you have the necessary components for a new game, new players, and the possibilities become endless:

What if a 'game' goes wrong...? What if the player is a criminal...? What if the 'game' turns on one of their own designers...?

Any other questions? Good. We'll take the next player that screams...


samax said...

i immediately knodded when i saw the movie poster! if this movie's concept was treated like 100 Bullets (as in do it straight for a few issues, then say "WHY is this company doing this?"), it could be hot! way too hot for any other medium but comics! like an HBO series with an unlimited budget!

RodBuddah said...

HA! Great to know your mind works on the same channel!
It begins with the oversight--- something small that you normally take for granted--- then BOOM! Kick the reader straight the head with that small clue THAT HID IN PLAIN SIGHT! Create that 'irresistible paranoia' and you can hook'em at every turn!