Friday, June 26, 2009

Ironic... Iconic... Immortal...

Ed McMahon. Icon of Late Night Television...

...Farrah Fawcett. Iconic Sex Symbol of the 70's...

And, without question---
The Most Iconic Man in the World of Entertainment, Michael Jackson.

It's widely thought upon that entertainers, like planes, go in 3's... This week, the theory sadly proved to be true. For those of my generation, it's strange to think back on things like Star Search (the original blueprint of what American Idol is today), Publisher's Clearing House, and Carson and NOT think of Ed... To remember a time when we were introduced to 3 angels in a house, connected by a voice known only as Charlie... To finally realize that mortality and circumstance catches up to ALL OF US--- Even a star who ranked in a rarified stratosphere among the likes of James Brown and Elvis Presley.

Tonight, PLANET GRIFFIN presents this as more a reminder than memorial... A reminder that life is surely not promised, and that everyday is another chance to get it right. This is obvious of the three pictured here, who, for all their triumphs and tragedies, lived life to the absolute fullest and affected alot of lives along the way. So, with that said---

--- What will you do with YOUR chance?

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