Monday, June 22, 2009

Gettin' Your HURT On! A Moment With JAY POTTS

The Infamous RodBuddah stands alongside fellow NEXT 100 man Jay Potts, creator of the
Bad Ass webcomic THE WORLD OF HURT. Jay's handshake can also kill you.

Following up on the HEROES CON weekend, PLANET GRIFFIN got a chance to hook up with NEXT 100 frontman JAY POTTS, proudly sporting the Black Fist T-Shirt from his ongoing web series, THE WORLD OF HURT (check out his site and demand a shirt--- I am!). In the world of comics, those who know know that ego's can run RAMPANT in a place like a con... But I can say, firsthand, that Jay leaves his ego at the door before he even shakes your hand! THAT alone sold me more than anything! We got a chance to meet up briefly before the hustle and bustle of the show pulled us seperate ways. One thing I did get chance to learn was his plans to collect THE WORLD OF HURT into a print edition--- future plans, mind you, for the exploits of the PASTOR still has a ways to go--- but the thought still has me geeking for a future copy!!!

For those of you who haven't checked it out, you're missing out on a kick ass story revolving around the world of the Pastor, a bad mutha who gets the job done where the MAN can't! A 70's style blaxploitation series that has recently drawn the attention of AIN'T IT COOL NEWS as 'one of the hottest webcomics out there'! Besides, Jay has a style reminiscent of the old 70's Marvel style when LUKE CAGE first rocked blocks in his own series (y'know, before the guy with the hot right hand joined in!)

HURT installments come out every Wednesday, so don't be afraid to get your HURT on!
Click the Sidebar link for THE WORLD OF HURT and see for yourself why Jay stands strong as a member of THE NEXT 100!


John Aston said...

Jay would hand me a World of Hurt business card at HeroesCon and it would wind up in somebody else's pocket...twice.

Blaxploitation fans reeeeeeeeeeeeally need to check out his work.

Guess Who said...

Ain't he cool! World of hurt is awesome.

Jay Potts said...


You're too kind, sir. Hit me up at my e-mail so we can talk about some of your plans.


Rodbuddah said...

Most definitely! Besides, you can thank John--- it was HIS idea for what's coming!

And believe me, it's gonna be NICE for ALL involved!

Oh yeah, keeping your business cards are a little difficult... I was making space in my wallet at a table, and someone tried to pick up MINE. HURT is a wonderful thing indeed!