Friday, June 5, 2009

The Master Is Dead. Long Live The Master!

1936 - 2009

Tonight, PLANET GRIFFIN stops to recognize the incredibly sad news that iconic actor DAVID CARRADINE is dead at the age of 72. The BBC reports that Carradine was in Bangkok, Thailand filming scenes for a new film called STRETCH. He was found hung in his hotel room as part of an apparent suicide.

David Carradine's two, most notable roles was Caine from the Bruce Lee created vehicle KUNG FU and Bill from Quentin Taratino's two part revenge opus KILL BILL... But you must dig deeper, seeing as how this man's career goes back more than four decades! CANNONBALL (the original race flick of the 70's which the Burt Reynolds comedy was remade from), DEATH RACE 2000, CIRCLE OF IRON, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, and countless others--- you'll be able to see David in six more films within the coming year, as he had just finished shooting all of his scenes.

PLANET GRIFFIN recognizes the great one who snatched more than a pebble from the master's hand... He snatched the hearts of a legion of fans who will miss him.

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