Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pan Fried In Print... Blaxploitation For Your Coffee Table

When I came across this magazine pic, I thought it was so cool, I had to let it shine on PLANET GRIFFIN! In Japan, the Blaxploitation era is alive and boomin'! ( Even I was amazed at how much of the era is archived and shared over there--- and don't get me started on their Jazz sets...)

Among some of the HOT memorabilia right now is this oversize mag called 'Soul of Black Movie' (literal translation)--- featuring poster pull-outs of some the classic films of the 70's heyday, from the legacy of Pam Grier to 'Coffin Ed' and 'Gravedigger Jones'--- I'm not sure if this is a one-shot or an ongoing mag (This item was up for bid on EBay), but from the looks of it, the Japanese damn sure got it right!


John Aston said...

Take away the type and that's a good looking print.

Jay Potts said...

Must get!


Rodbuddah said...

I thought this was a really cool cover when I saw it! They preserve our genre's better than WE do.

Gotta work on that;)