Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Planet Griffin's Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamt Of ! Pt.4

Coming in at number 7 all the way from Thailand is dedicated to the ladies--- CHOCOLATE

After the smash success of ONG BAK, the production house BAA-RAM-EWE set off in search of a new action star to keep the wave riding high... In their efforts, they decided to make one from scratch... A young 23 year old newcomer named JEEJA YANIN. Here's the lowdown:

Born to a Yakuza father and Thai gangstress mother, young Zen was diagnosed with autism. If that weren't problematic enough, Zen's mother, who broke away from a jealous Ganglord due to her love affair with a Japanese rival, faced bitter reprisal from the local gangs that she used to control. Now stricken with cancer, it falls upon Zen and her hustler cousin to get the funds necessary for Zen's mother to get treatment. Luckily for them, mother was owed a large sum of money. Unfortunately, these debtors have become rather powerful in their own right in Mother Zens' absence. The result of it all leads to a fantastic spectacle of bone snapping and muay thai madness that actually leaves ONG BAK in the dust!
The action in this film naturally dwarfs what you'd normally expect here in America, but the story is the big surprise here. You really care about these characters along the way, which makes the third act all the more heartpounding and heartwrenching at the same time!

This would make for a great self contained graphic novel experience! Don't be surprised if you see a manga version of this one down the road and the Infamous RodBuddah saying 'I told you so...' The countdown continues ablaze as PLANET GRIFFIN gives you the TOP TEN MOVIES THAT MOVES ON PAPER!

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