Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Return of A Great Comic: PLANETARY

PLANET GRIFFIN continues its orbit through the alternate pop culture underground, in search of cool that's not always spoken of! While checking out the news sites, I came across the debut of Wildstorm's latest blog, THE BLEED, and discovered that the continuing adventures of PLANETARY begin again in October with issue 27!

For those of you who are not tuned into the Warren Ellis/John Cassiday masterpiece, I urge you to get out from under whatever rock you're hiding under and GO FIND THIS SERIES!

PLANETARY is/was the operational name of a group dubbing themselves publicly as 'Archeologists of the Unusual' --- A trio of powerful misfits who receives Trump-like funding from a mysterious Fourth Man within the group (those of you who have read this series already know who the fourth man is...)--- but their REAL agenda functions as a Rescue operation, with Elijah Snow as its leader.

The trio of Jakita, Drummer, and the 'ice man' Elijah Snow are pitch perfect in this series as they faced off against The Four ( Warrens' alternate take on Marvel's Fantastic Four), a merciless conglomerate of scientists who use their abilities to control the world rather than help it! Only someone like Warren Ellis could pull off this book--- a group of heores operating within an alternate version of both the DC and Marvel universes'--- stories that would find any other writer sitting in a courtroom waiting to get hit with every infringement and liable suit in the book--- which would be a bigger embarrassment to whoever filed suite cuz' Warren handled their material so well! Where else can you find the darker versions of GODZILLA, CAPTAIN MARVEL, DOC SAVAGE, THE LONE RANGER, TARZAN, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and ALAN MOORE with hints of manga, THE MATRIX, and smart assed black humor all twisted into one complete package?!

To those who have read this series, you know that there was only ONE question that loomed unanswered by the end of issue 26:
Whatever happened to the original Planetary front man, AMBROSE CHASE?

Which leads to more questions:
How can Elijah Snow rescue him?
If PLANETARY is making a comeback, can this mean that THE GLOBAL FREQUENCY isn't far behind?!
Can you actually hear me geeking out as I write this entry?

Tune in this October as Wildstorm will FINALLY answer these and (hopefully) many other questions when Warren Ellis returns to give Mark Millar a run for his money!

Yeah, I said it.


samax said...

i can't even REMEMBER the last issue i read...
gotta go dig them joints up and get familiar!

Rodbuddah said...

It's never too late to get reacquainted with the good stuff!

samax said...