Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Moment With The Mack...

Hanging back with Work Partner/Best Friend/and fellow NEXT 100 man MYRON MACKLIN from the ART NINJA STUDIOS during the HEROES show. I got a chance to see some more of his current 'best kept secret' THE ZOO ACT, an original graphic novel that will keep designers on their toes guaranteed!

Check out the preview over at ISSUU.COM (search: Myron Macklin), or continue to marvel at his technique at ARTNINJA.COM.

By the way, what you can't see in this pic is the fact that my portfolio case weighed in at a ridiculous 85 POUNDS... Carrying around so much work is part of my workout/work ethic... After this photo was taken, Mack laughed his head off while I maintained my composure... And my back.

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