Monday, June 29, 2009

Late For Class: Having The Rugg Pulled Out From Under You

Last week, I had to get schooled by World Of Hurt webguru, JAY POTTS on the work of artist JIM RUGG. I checked out his site, and low and behold, I realize that this is the same guy behind the Slave Labor series, STREET ANGEL. While Jim isn't working on the exploits of a skateboarding ninja killer, he's working on this little beauty called 'AFRODISIAC', a pimp among men, fighting injustice in the name of truth... And a few hoes...
More than just these gems, Jim's work is definitely more than just comics... But those of you in the know already know this.
I can dig it. Check out the link along the side, or catch the full review over at THE WORLD OF HURT.COM--- you'll be surprised at what you see.

Thanks Jay--- another lesson learned from the Hurt Locker.


samax said...

jim rugg is the TRUTH! street angel restored my faith in comics when it was really struggling!

(my review:

i read that Afrodisiac short in popgun 2 where he fights Rickard Nixon! LOL! CLASSIC MATERIAL!!!

after i get done here, i'm gonna go check him out all over again!

Rodbuddah said...

I'll peep that review. Jim Rugg is the reason I continue my Jedi training.

John Aston said...

Oh, wow! I was eye-balling Afrodisiac at the Adhouse table at Heroes. December release is what I was told.

Rodbuddah said...

Cool! Look forward to Christmas