Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Planet Griffin's Top Ten Movies That Move On Paper: Comics Undreamed Of! Pt.5

By now, everybody remembers the fiasco that took place with the Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration GRINDHOUSE--- The one thing that almost everybody agreed on were the trailers wrapped around the double feature... The best of the bunch being the Danny Trejo banger, which brings us to number 6:


Now, I'm personally a BIG fan of the grindhouse aesthetic (that's no secret), and despite the box office mishap of the film, this little gem is exemplary of the genre itself: most of what was 'grinded' out was crap and drivel--- but when you dig for it, you'll always find the diamonds in the rough. MACHETE is definitely that kind of gem !

I would personally stand first in line for a shot at a Machete series... Imagine the continuing adventures of an undercover federale', fighting THE MAN with the help of a shotgun-toting Padre and working out of the CHOP SHOP--- add the jittery 'grindhouse effect' to the artwork, and you'll have a real comic treat worthy of rolling up and sticking in your back pocket!
Yes, PLANET GRIFFIN comes with a curveball on this one! Stay tuned!


Jay Potts said...

I'm lovin' your countdown, so far. I'm eager to see what else you're gonna pull out of your movie queue. I've been meaning to grab a copy of Chocolate, so I'm glad you added it to your list. I was tempted to rent Versus on a couple occasions, but now I may have to based on the strength of your recommendation.


Rodbuddah said...

Trust me, you will NOT go wrong with VERSUS, my friend! Keep in mind that a creator will look at things like this alot differently than those who merely watch to 'vegetate'.

The countdown itself is a creator's view of 'what if I could adapt a film as a comic with a NEW storyline?' Not as easy as you may think, but definitely fun trying!!!

Thanks Jay

samax said...

yeah, that's a no-brainer! that dude is a comicbook character actor!

his character from desperado is immortal in my book!

Rodbuddah said...

Oh yeah--- In the GRINDHOUSE hardcover book, Rodriguez credits that character as Machete's inspiration.

Of course, seeing that character reminds me of what Marvel's LONGSHOT could've been had it gone-to-screen.